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Niłtooli Wilkins

A glance at my spirit...

Walk in Beauty

Yá’át’ééh shí éí Niłtooli Wilkins yíníshyé'. Tábąąhá nishłí. Lumbee éí bá shishchiin. Lók’aa’ dine’é éí dashicheii. Lumbee éí dashinalí.

Hello there! My name is Niłtooli Wilkins. I belong to the Water's Edge clan. I'm related to the Lumbee people. My maternal grandfather belongs to the Reed clan. My paternal grandfather belongs to the Lumbee people.

Welcome to my site, a small window into my ways of creating, thinking, and walking through life. I am truly on a self journey of un-learning, re-learning, decolonizing, growing, and being closer to my spirit and true self. My ego self, or the wounded inner child in me, has controlled most of my life. That’s not uncommon in today’s society, humans walking around with their traumas and past pain displayed on their forehead and shoulders. Yet, we walk around unknowing of them, unaware that those experiences still live and breathe inside of us, and affect our day to day living, relationships and ourselves.

I am an Indigenous woman. I am part of the LGBTQ community. I identify as a woman, writer, tennis coach, athlete, sister, daughter, friend, partner, survivor (though I’m not a fan of that word) of sexual abuse and generational trauma of my people. I am all of these things. But I am also a lot more than these roles, these labels. I am an eternal soul, a spirit. What people see on the outside is merely my outer shell. The ways in which I create by writing poetry, making silly TikToks, or learning a new craft that brings me closer to my culture or spirit, is my main purpose.


I am an Indigenous poet, writer, athlete, creator, woman, and more. Come along as I continue to decolonize, learn, grow, and witness this life I chose. Thank you for being here!



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