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Walk In Beauty

Beauty above me. Beauty below me.


Hello, my name is Niłtooli. Thank you for being here.

Hello there! My name is Niłtooli Wilkins. Welcome to my site, a small window into my ways of creating, thinking, and walking through life. I am truly on a self journey of un-learning, re-learning, decolonizing, growing, and being closer to my spirit and true self. I am an Indigenous poet, writer, athlete, creator, woman, and more. Come along as I continue to decolonize, learn, grow, and witness this life I chose. Thank you for being here!

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My Book


Indigenous, I Am

In this poetry collection readers will get a deeper look into my life as an Indigenous woman, and my continued path towards finding myself and the voice I always had. I use prose poetry and powerful imagery to convey the feelings, experiences, and thoughts I could never express verbally. I talk honestly and openly about my personal trauma, trauma in my family and of my people, as well as our resiliency. My dream with sharing these words are that they reach someone somewhere, and they feel safe and seen while reading them, as much as I did writing them.

My Writing

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