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I think this piece speaks for itself. It is one of my biggest goals in this short life, to decolonize every inch of me that was affected by colonization. It wasn't till I got to my 30's that I think I became aware and awoken to how colonized my mindset was. In so many areas of my life, from how I viewed my body, to how much I "worked", using my voice, not using my voice. Each day, I try to be mindful of un-learning, and re-learning certain things that I "believed" was who I was. But these aspects weren't "who I am". Far, far from it.

Let’s slow down…

Take my hand, let’s let the land enfold

every pore beneath our feet

Walking will be our decolonization, it will

Let’s hit pause…

Who’s voices are following us home,

telling us success has this face or this body

or laziness is drenched over you like rainfall on red dirt

Our stillness will be our decolonization, it will

Let’s keep learning, expanding…

So much was taken from us and our ancestors,

they expected us to stay buried, sunken in,

along with all that makes us sing

Our un-learning and re-learning will be our decolonization, it will

Let’s keep dancing, singing, laughing…

Even as I write this, my old friend anxiety sits deeply in my chest

and I taste each sorrow soaked tear on my tongue

I get lost in the desert of my mind daily,

generations of hurt knitted so neatly in with present life,

married inside me they live

Yet, I’ve danced again

Sang again

Laughed again

Our joy will be our decolonization, it will

Let’s keep healing while we’re here,

They don’t know how we can walk between worlds,

how our connection to those in spirit

keeps us grounded here on Mother Earth

How they are learning from us and we are learning from them,

and by remaining open,

we live in the beauty of the bond

We live in the Creator’s embrace

Let’s keep healing, relatives

It will be our decolonization,

Yes, yes it will

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