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Pride is loud, like wrapping yourself in rainbow flags

& entering the world in color, just as you are

Pride is quiet, like kissing your partners forehead after a long day,

but choosing not to hold hands in public out of fear of being attacked for your love

Pride is having a label, because it makes you feel seen,

a part of something bigger

Pride is not ascribing to a label, as feeling like you are in a

box feels limiting and you wish to spread your wings and not confine them

Pride is knowing you’re never really safe, people see brown and white,

woman with woman, and won’t understand

So you feel sorry for those people while simultaneously grieving your

own safety and storing your love away for the moment

Pride is also safety, in your partners arms, their embrace,

their love that cuts through all hate, judgement and pain

Pride is being a Native woman in the LGBTQIA2S+ community

Pride is knowing I am so much more than what others throw on to me,

and what they see and can’t see

Pride is eternal

Pride is simply love

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