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I was recently talking to a friend, and the topic of the anger I hold came up. I expressed how only a select few people, my inner circle, try to understand where that anger comes from. How it's so much deeper than the personal things I have ben through. It almost feels as if it's embedded in me. In my veins, my blood, my DNA.

When I chose to start creating content on Instagram and Tiktok, sharing videos and my poetry, I knew I was putting myself in a position to get hate from complete strangers. Complete strangers that actually would NEVER understand my pain, anger, or my peoples pain and anger. This piece is about that. The comments I get sometimes, mostly from white people, telling us to just "get over it". Get over all of the generational trauma, pain, and hurt we've endured and still are trying to heal.

Get over it

Get over it

Get over it

One doesn’t get over the genocide of our people

The lost and missing children

The erasure, abuse, trauma

that spreads through our veins, our every breath

Get over it

Get over it

Get over it

One doesn’t get over this shade of agony

This colossal pain that travels from grandparent to parent,

parent to child, child to world

So go ahead,

spit those three words in our faces,

we’ll rub our hands in the dirt and

wipe ourselves clean

We’re living in it

Breathing it

Enduring it

Re-living it

Yet, we are still here throughout it all

You can’t erase us, as we will always be






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